Site Surveys

Coming up with the idea for a live event is one thing, and planning how it will actually play out is another. Knowing how to get the idea/plan into the space is essential to its success. There are several items to check before arriving on site for setup, like low hanging objects from the ceiling, the floor level, electrical and power availability/locations, venue security and scheduling, etc. Knowing not only about the event space, but how all items will load in and making sure elevators and doorways are big enough for equipment can save time and money. Do you know all the questions to ask?

Travis Expo Center – knowing the distance and size of each column and the location of entryways is crucial to the live event setup.
Power/electrical location and availability will affect any audiovisual setup.
Chandelier height and location can dictate where screens and projectors are set.
Entryways and exits will affect the audiovisual setup and overall stage design.
Knowing where and how anything will load into the event space can save time and money.