Virtual Variety Show

Connecting with followers and fans during Covid-19 has been a challenge. stiph productions put together a fun and interactive virtual variety show celebrating Friday the 13th for the podcast, Beyond the Screams. I organized the entire event from reaching out to performers and content creators, designing titles and the look of the event based on their branding, writing the script for the hosts, and executing the event. The goal was to commemorate 40 years of the movie franchise, Friday the 13th, on November 13, 2020, while also promoting the podcast. The virtual event was, also, a great way to showcase fellow horror content creators, who received tips throughout the event. Many performers and content creators have been impacted by Covid-19, so this virtual variety show was an excellent opportunity for them to engage with and increase their followers and fans. The event included various video content, remote presenters, attendee engagement, and a specialty themed cocktail.

The event was a huge success that drew 400% more traffic to the podcast’s website and social media channels, and the show maintained 99% viewership throughout the event.