I have worked with Stephanie on many events over the past three years. Each experience with Stephanie, from the pre-planning to the on-site execution, has been perfect! She has been a very efficient communicator and can easily answer clients’ questions in a simplified way that they can understand. She always has been willing to assist in every way possible and does a great job offering creative ideas to make the events run more successfully. Every event working with Stephanie has provided the reassurance that everything will be extremely organized and handled in a professional manner.

Abby Schmidt, Planning Partners International

A special shoutout to Stephanie, who was our liaison. It’s like she read my mind because I would think, “Oh we need to move this or we need change this.” I would go up and tell her and she’d be like, “I already took care of it.”

Shawna Suckow, Founder of SPIN

Stephanie and team are rock stars. Really exceptional and service oriented…the ultimate was the last-minute request to play DJ. Stephanie didn’t hesitate to make it work.

Traci Borsch, Perfect PlanIt

Stephanie is very highly tech-orientated, allowing her to solve quickly and smartly many issues that can occur on major events for which she has responsibilities. She also blends in perfectly large AV crews with a good team spirit and is a pleasant person during and after work.

Philip Koch, International AV Consultant