A live event is a fun and exciting experience. A well-produced event can leave a lasting impression on people.

One mistake people make is thinking all event producers are the same or that it’s easy to create and organize an exceptional event. Have you ever been to an event and not remembered anything about it the next day? Or the only thing you remember are the bad parts?

The solution? A highly experienced and creative event producer that can transform your vision into the engaging, inspiring and impressive event you want.

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About Stiph

I am an audiovisual and technical resource to help you accomplish your live event goals. For the past 13 years, I have been lucky to work inside my passion, creating and producing events around the world. For most of my career I was located in New York City, but in 2019, I decided to move to one of the most exciting, event-driven cities in the United States, Austin, Texas.

My joy comes from bringing people together. This could be a backyard BBQ for an intimate and special occasion to thousands of people gathering for an essential conference. Whether individual, group, small business, non-profit or a large corporation, I have worked with with a wide variety of customers, attendees and venues.

Your event is my event.

From day one, I take your vision and work with you to produce an event that goes above and beyond your expectations, and you’ll never see me sweat. I take accountability and handle every aspect of your event. To meet your objective, I create the blueprint, source and stack the building blocks and assemble the right team to ensure the shared experience of your attendees is unparalleled.

What makes me stand-out from other live event producers? I think outside the conventional. While some believe “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, I believe “if it works, make it better and stronger”. My ability to create an outstanding and unique audiovisual aspect to your event and the technical expertise to pull it off help create an extraordinary experience for your guests.


Practice makes perfect. 13+ years of producing live events on-the-ground as a Technical Director and behind-the-scenes as a Strategic Account Manager.

Size does matter. From DJing parties to managing national conferences with 1000+ attendees and every event size in between. 

Well connected. Connected to a large network of global AV equipment providers and technical labor from years of working in the industry, and great discernment when vetting new contractors.

Safety first. OSHA-certified with in-depth technical and regulatory knowledge to ensure that equipment functions without a hitch and attendees have a fun and safe experience.

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Event Concept Design

Thoughtful consultations for the overall event: themes, creative elements, AV technology, seating, banquets, etc.

Audiovisual Design and Sourcing

Easy-to-understand consultations about budget-friendly AV needs such as audio, video, lighting, software, and hardware. Sourcing and vetting of all technology vendors.

webinars and video conferencing

Need to do a virtual meeting or turn your general session into a webinar? I can provide solutions to record presenters and content on a new or existing platform.

Technical Labor Sourcing and Scheduling

You’re only as good as the people you hire, right? Make sure the appropriate people are on the team.

Space Diagramming with Vectorworks

Technical drawings of the event location to ensure that all equipment will properly function in the space and follow all regulations for a fun and safe experience.

Pre-Production Planning

Thorough event plan development and communication with everyone involved (e.g., vendors, labor, location staff, the client) to make sure that the event is successfully executed.

On-Site Management

Expert staff on site to guarantee that every aspect of the event is handled smoothly with care and concern.

See my work in action.

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Stephanie and team are rock stars. Really exceptional and service oriented…the ultimate was the last-minute request to play DJ. Stephanie didn’t hesitate to make it work.

Traci Borsch, Perfect PlanIt

Stephanie is very highly tech-orientated, allowing her to solve quickly and smartly many issues that can occur on major events for which she has responsibilities. She also blends in perfectly large AV crews with a good team spirit and is a pleasant person during and after work.

Philip Koch, International AV Consultant

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Have an upcoming event and are not sure where to start or stuck on what to do next? Want to hold an event but feel overwhelmed? Reach out to me at stiph@stiphproductions.com or message me using this form to have an initial consultation. You are under no obligations from this initial consultation.

Located in Austin, TX and supports local events, national events and international events