Doing a live event can be fun. Live events don’t have to be an overload of planning or complicated by audiovisual or technical needs. You have options. Good AV options, too. Nothing is perfect, but live events can be excellent, engaging, invigorating, awe-inspiring.

Transform the event production experience with Stiph Productions.

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About Stiph

I have a passion for bringing people together and supporting their experience: from backyard barbecues to thousands of people in a general session. I have organized and produced events and worked with vendors all over the world. I am an audiovisual and technical resource to help you accomplish your live event goals.

Each event becomes my event – I take accountability for every aspect of the event to ensure that the shared experience of the attendees and objectives of the client are done successfully.



13+ years of producing live events on-the-ground as a Technical Director and behind-the-scenes as a Strategic Account Manager.

Experience with every event size: from DJing parties to managing national conferences with 1000+ attendees and every event in between.

Connected to a large network of global AV equipment providers and technical labor from years of working in the industry, and great discernment when vetting new contractors.

OSHA-certified with in-depth technical and regulatory knowledge to ensure that equipment functions without a hitch and attendees have a fun and safe experience.

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Event Concept Design

Thoughtful consultations for the overall event: themes, creative elements, AV technology, seating, banquets, etc.

Audiovisual Design and Sourcing

Easy-to-understand consultations about budget-friendly AV needs such as audio, video, lighting, software, and hardware. Sourcing and vetting of all technology vendors.

Technical Labor Sourcing and Scheduling

You’re only as good as the people you hire, right? Make sure the appropriate people are on the team.

Space Diagramming with Vectorworks

Technical drawings of the event location to ensure that all equipment will properly function in the space and follow all regulations for a fun and safe experience.

Pre-Production Planning

Thorough event plan development and communication with everyone involved (e.g., vendors, labor, location staff, the client) to make sure that the event is successfully executed.

On-Site Management

Expert staff on site to guarantee that every aspect of the event is handled smoothly with care and concern.